18 April 2009

Artist - Song - Album

Balmorhea - Rememberance - All is Wild, All Is Silent
Nat King Cole - More and More of Your Amor (remixed by Bitter; sweet) - Re: Generations

Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart - Fever Ray (Rabid Records)
Fever Ray - When I Grow Up - Fever Ray

Mike Snow - Burial (DJ Mehdi Remix) - Animal (Downtown Records)
Vetiver - Everyday - Tight Knit (Sub Pop)
Army Navy - Saints - Army Navy (The Fever Zone)

Fever Ray - Dry and Dusty - Fever Ray
Fever Ray - Seven - Fever Ray

Hey Marselles - Rio - To Travels and Trunks (self-release)
The Redwood Plan - Something To Prove - The Redwood Plan (ep) (self-release)
The Ironclads - Step To The Sea - Space Between The Maps (Wizard Rock)

Fever Ray - Triangle Walks - Fever Ray
Fever Ray - Concrete Walls - Fever Ray

Bishop Allen - Oklahoma - Grrr... (Dead Oceans)
Bell X1 - The Great Defector - Blue Lights On The Runway

Fever Ray - Now's the Only Time I Know - Fever Ray
Fever Ray - I'm Not Done - Fever Ray

Great Lake Swimmers - Pulling On A Line - Lost Channels
The Thermals - Now We Can See - Now We Can See

Fever Ray - Keep The Streets Empty For Me - Fever Ray
Fever Ray - Coconut - Fever Ray

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