26 December 2008

Saturday Morning Returns January10, 2009

The hiatus from doing the show must continue another two Saturdays. For those who care, my apologies. I intend to be back on the air in two weeks. Thanks for your patience.

19 December 2008

i lied, but not on purpose

i intended to attend my show tomorrow. silly me to ignore the warnings. now there is nearly 10 inches of snow in my drive. mother nature is saying one more week at home. unless it is completely clear in the morning, there will be no show tomorrow. i will think good thoughts for next week.

i'm dreaming of a white.....

18 December 2008

back this sat

plan is to return to the airwaves this saturday morning. major possible obstacle: weather. now, who to feature? there's a couple possibilities. you might have to tune in to find out.

until saturday morning then.