25 February 2007

Play List for 24 February 2007

Miles Davis – Round Midnight – Round About Midnight (remastered)

Modil– Music - Midnight Green


Big Sir – Brutrausch (Smooth Interlude) – Und Die ScheiBe Andert Sich Immer

Big Sir – Rejoice the Rig – Und Die ScheiBe Andert Sich Immer

Imogen Heap – The Walk – Speak for Your Self

Keane – Bad Dream – Under the Iron Sea


Ulrich Schnauss- Knuddelmaus – Far Away Trains Passing By

Big Sir – The Freeways of My Mind - Und Die ScheiBe Andert Sich Immer

Big Sir – Hey Soldier - Und Die ScheiBe Andert Sich Immer

Regina Spector – Samson –

UCLA Awaken Acapella – Hide and Seek


Sia – Breathe Me – Six Feet Under: Vol. II (Sound Track)

Barenaked Ladies – Bank Job – Barenaked Ladies are me

Jesse Boggs -Dubya’s Word - State of the Union Undone (Hearing Vocies)

Neil Young – Looking For a Leader – Living With War


Big Sir –Cause That Shit’s Too Evil (And She’s Just a Gangsta Bitch) - Und Die ScheiBe Andert Sich Immer

Big Sir –Get Off The B - Und Die ScheiBe Andert Sich Immer


Fat Freddy’s Drop – Roady – Based On a True Story

Big Sir –Pelo de Elote - Und Die ScheiBe Andert Sich Immer

Natalie Walker – No One Else – Urban Angel

Yo La Tengo – Moby Octopad – I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One


Nawang Kechog

17 February 2007

Was That Polka I Just Heard on Saturday Morning

I'm away this week and couldn't get a decent rebroadcast loaded into the auto dj. Sorry. I'll be back with some excellent new music next week. Feature artist next week will most likely be Big Sir.

Hope all's well. Have a great week.



10 February 2007

10 February 2007 Play List

Danilo Venturi - Sottovoce – La Perla: Noir

Danilo Venturi – Atelier – Wayne Coleman Remix – La Perla: Noir

Joe Sample – Seven Years of Good Luck – Spellbound

Chris Botti – Lisa – Night Sessions

Simple Minds - Mandala day - Street Fighting Years

Simply Red – Something Got Me Started - Stars


Regina Spekter – Fidelity – Begin To Hope

Jill Cunniff – Lazy Girls – City Beach

Cat Empire – Car Song

Califone – A Chinese Actor


Barenaked Ladies – Easy – Bare Naked Ladies Are me

PJ Harvey – A Place Called Home – Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea

2 Bite Pie – Here I Come – 2 Pie Island

Big Sir – Blutrausch - Smooth Interlude


Una – Fading In C# Minor – The Rain Is Over and Gone

Pal Shazar – People Talk – The Morning After

Natalie Walker – Urban Angel – Urban Angel

Los Amigos Invisibles – Gorditas de Mario – Sounds Eclectico


Matisyahu – Time Of Your Song – Youth

Fat Freddy`s Drop – Cay`s Crays – Based On A True Story

Chris Botti – Streets Ahead – Night Sessions

Berut – Elephant Gun – Lon Gisland

03 February 2007

Beatles Redux

I'd be interested to hear what people thought about cuts played this morning from the Beatles new release, "Love", a remix of many of their original songs. I know some were uncomfortable with the new mixes. I like them.

Here's today's play list. Thanks for tuning in. B.

Coldplay - A Rush of Blood To The Head – Six Feet Under, Everything Ends (Sound Track)

Sia – Breathe Me - Six Feet Under, Everything Ends (Sound Track)

Beatles – Eleanor Rigby – Love

Beatles – I Am The Walrus – Love

Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand – Love

Imogen Heap – Headlock – Speak For Yourself


Beirut – Elephant Gun – Lan Gisland

Kristin Hersh – In Shock – Learn To Sing Like A Star

Beatles – Drive My Car/The Word/What You’re Doing – Love

Beatles – Gnik Nus – Love

Beatles – Something/ Blue Jay Way – Love


Deerhoof - +81 – Friend Opportunity

Yo La Tengo – Moby Octopad – I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One

Yo La Tengo – Sometimes I Don’t Get You – I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass

Death Cab For Cutie – Transatlanticism - Six Feet Under, Everything Ends (Sound Track)


Alexi Murdoch – 12 – Time Without Consequences

Beatles – Octopus’s Garden – Love

Beatles – Lady Madonna – Love

Beatles – Black Bird – White Album


Big Sir – Blutrausch (Smooth Interlude) – Blutrausch (Smooth Interlude)

Johanna Kunin – Fireflies – Electric Cloud

Beatles – Here Comes The Sun – Love

Interpol – Direction – Six Feet Under Sound Track

Beatles – Come Together - Love