26 October 2006

This Saturday Morning

I am psyched about his coming Saturday Morning. It will be the first show simulcast to the world via the web. I have found a couple of new (to me at least) artists to share and am beginning to work on the playlist. Hope you can join us.

The Canada geese are flying high. No plan to land. They are heading south. Winter is near. We'll try to keep you warm Saturday Morning.

23 October 2006

We're Streaming On the Web!!!!

You can now listen to WVEW on the web! It's official. Word was sent out by tireless IT guru Steven (TGIF, 7-9a, Fridays; Recycled Radio, 6-8p, Saturdays) that at about 2:30p (edt) WVEW began streaming it's on air signal on the web. You will need either iTunes (click here to get) or Winamp (click here to get) to listen. So, please, head on over to our website and listen in. The more the merrier!

Thanks, and see you Saturday morning.


19 October 2006

10/16/06 Playlist

Artist - Song - Album

Thievery Corporation - Sol Tapado - The Cosmic Game
Thievery Corporation - Ambicion Eterna - The Cosmic Game
Pod Bay Doors - Transmissionary Six - Radar
Bebe - Siempre Me Quedar - Pafuera Telaranas
Juliette Venagas - Insensible - KCRW’s ‘Sounds Eclectico’
Alexi Murdoch - All My Days - Time Without Consequence
Wax Tailor - Que Sera - Tales of the Forgotten Melodies
Nada Surf - Do It Again - The Weight is a Gift
Thievery Corporation - Marching the Hate Machines Into the Sun - The Cosmic Game
Johnny Cash - Ballad of Ira Hayes - Give My Love to Rose
Lily Allen - LDN - (2007 release)
The Walls - To the Bright and Shinning Sun - New Dawn Breaking
Psapp - Hi - The Only Thing I Ever Wanted
Sky - Love Show - Mind How You Go
Fiest - Gatekeeper - Let It Die
Thievery Corporation - Amerimacka - The Cosmic Game
Thievery Corporation - The Heart’s a Lonely Hunter - The Cosmic Game
Lifehouse - You and Me - Lifehouse
Firelight Revolution - Apurate
Firelight Revolution - Safe and Sober
Pete Yorn - Poor Us - Night Crawler
West Indian Girl - Miles From Monterey - West Indian Girl
Ulrich Schnauss - Passing By - Far Away Trains Passing By (fill)
Zero 7 - Futures - The Garden
UCLA Awaken Acapella - Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap cover
Bittersweet - The Mating Game - The Mating Game
Thievery Corporation - Holographic Universe - The Cosmic Game
Thievery Corporation - With Doors in Perspective - The Cosmic Game

17 October 2006

Rain rain go away

Good Tuesday all. Last Saturday's playlist is almost ready for posting. Now to figure out what to play this week.... Actually, my show is a practice in planned spontaneity! I plan ahead and then go with the flow. Seems to work out okay.

Here's this week's music tip: Check out KCRW.com. They have several music programs featuring hand picked music by superb DJs. You can listen to their music programs on demand, and they have a ton of podcasts to check out. Enjoy.

Hope the midweek brings only a small bump. Three days to the weekend...

13 October 2006

14 October 2006

Planning to feature Thievery Corporation tomorrow morning, but things change, of course. Also, have loads of new music to share. Hope you enjoy. Good morning!

12 October 2006

Hello and welcome....

Hi there....welcome to Saturday Morning, or as I like to call it, the Saturday Morning Radio Experience.

I am the host of Saturday Morning. Each week I try to bring you a mix of new, creative, progressive, alternative music from around the planet that celebrates the best of pop, rock, world, Reggie, Jazz, classical...and on and on. I am always looking for unique and alternative audio experiences in the form of music, radio stories and other sound art. In the near future I plan to bring musician in to the studio to play and talk about their music. The show is a work in progress. I hope you will come along for the ride.

My plan for this space is to post the Saturday Morning playlists every week. I'll also toss in other bits of news and trivia from time to time, including upcoming events at the station and local and national music happenings.

Look here too for news and links about radio stories and programs on the web and radio related websites I think you might like. I spend a considerable amount of time each week, usually when I am supposed to be doing my day job, trolling the web looking for new music and other amazing radio productions. As I write I am trying to secure permissions to broadcast some of what I've found on WVEW.

Please let me know what you think of the program, if you have a favorite artist I should know about, or if you are a musician (or know one) and would like to get your (their) music on the air. I am very interested in conneting with local (broadly defined) musicians and bringing them in to talk about their music on the program.

The love the fact that WVEW is all volunteer, self- and community-support and totally here for the people of the community (again, broadly defined once we are streaming).

So, thanks for checking us out, and thanks for listening to WVEW-LP. Please check out our web site www.wvew.org for info on all our great community programs.

We are Brattleboro's community radio station. We give voice to Brattleboro. It's as real as it gets. See you soon....